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There is a lot of disagreement on the benefit of a bbk other than they look cool and cost a lot.


What I have seen is that many people have put on a variety of upgrades to the disk’s, pads etc including fitting the Sub 8 kit (which personally I would replace the Brembo disk’s as there are lots of comments of issues with these disk’s) but check out and you will see I am not the only one that thinks these kits are the dogs b%%%%%% they are also included in the Fast Car product awards for 2020 the word they use is Epic


Personally I have been very very happy with the Revo kit it does what its advertised to do, on the fast straight on Bedford GT Circuit doing just under 160 mph and slamming on the breaks the car pulled up quickly and with no fuss. Further as this car is a daily drive there is no squealing of track pads so all in all this is a great all round solution.


Technical Data – This is for the kit on my car but Revo do provide a smaller kit check their website for more details.


Please note this kit does not support low brake pad warning but it’s very easy to physically turn this off as well as coding it off with OBD11 / VCDS

Further check out the OBD11 Section as there are some very helpful upgrades you can make to the brakes to improve break feel along with removing some of the nannies that slow the car down.


Disk’s are 380 x 32 mm

They use a two-piece floating disc and hat design to efficiently dissipate heat.

The discs feature internal cooling vanes that draw air from the centre of the disc outward to maximise heat dissipation and minimise heat transfer to the callipers, pads, and brake fluid, which plays an all-important part in providing consistent stopping power for your vehicle.


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The friction surface features crescent groves designed to increase bite and remove debris from the pad surface.



Progressive six piston design in a single piece aluminium Mono-bloc


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Ferodo DS2500 Performance


Brake Fluid

Motul Dot 5.1


To complete the setup it also includes stainless steel braided brake lines; consisting of a PTFE inner and stainless steel braided outer to eliminate the spongy feel of original rubber hoses, provide superior resistance to corrosion, and offer consistent braking performance.



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And here is a picture of the stock setup which was in need of a service.

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And this is what it looks like once the wheels have been fitted to the car. As you can see there is not a lot of room and for this setup the minimum wheel size is 19” and you will need to ensure that your wheel design will support these callipers, either by ensuring (as I have) the spoke design gives the clearance or you will have to fit a spacer.



This package (and there are many other good ones out there) provides Low Rotational Mass, Improved Pedal Responsiveness & Superior Heat Dissipation: Less Prone To Fade and overall provides a very powerful stopping option for both track and road use.


Revo graph showing the benefit of the upgrade.

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The MQB Platform does suffer with a poor air flow to the front brakes, one quick solution to this is to fit Audi Brake ducts, these sit on the front wishbone mount and as you can see from the picture below direct the air from the front of the car directly to the brake disk’s


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There were some stories of issues with fitting these on the golf (not the R) due to rubbing when turning the wheels but as you can see they are made of plastic so can be modified easily and also on the Cupra I have had two different sets (as I change the wishbone to the Aluminium ones) and no issues with them.

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